Vintage all wood furniture with Dixie Belle Makeovers

 Would you like to give your home a vintage look and feel? The best way to do it is by filling your rooms vintage furniture designs. At Recollections by Lynn, we have a large inventory filled with one-of-a-kind pieces and accent furniture that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for a rocking chair, a hutch, or something else entirely, we seek out the most beautiful and unusual pieces of furniture for our customers so they’re able to create the unique interior designs that they want in their homes. 


One-Of-A-Kind Accent Pieces


Why run out to your local big-box store to buy the same pieces of furniture that everyone else in your area seems to have in their homes? You can set your home apart by investing in the vintage furniture designs and one-of-a-kind pieces found at Recollections by Lynn. When you take one of our accent furniture pieces home, it’ll make a strong statement and help set the tone for the rest of your interior design. You’ll love the ways that your vintage furniture looks—and so will everyone else who visits your home over the years.


Arches Sugar Molds Signs Tables

 At Recollections by Lynn, we do more than just sell vintage furniture designs and one-of-kind-pieces to our customers. We also invite people to come to us with their accent furniture ideas. If you have a specific piece in mind that you would like to add to your home, we can either show you something you might like or keep an eye out for something that will fit the design you’ve thought up. We can provide you with our expert advice and show you how to use vintage furniture in any area of your home.